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Money is the Boss.

I have a problem with any person that works for me who doesn’t take criticism. I’m not coming at you, I’m saying that I want you to fix the things I say. Don’t sit back and blame it on one thing when I know that it was your fault. Nothing is personal when I’m paying you. It’s just that if I’m paying you, you’re gonna do things my way or you’re not going to get paid. People have a hard time understanding this concept because most of the time they can’t separate their work from themselves but it’s something a person has to overcome if they want to be successful in anything. If somebody is paying you, they are in charge. 

Super Cool

I recently released my new music video for ADHD and I am so proud of it. But in my vast marketing plan, which was make a video inspired by my favorite artist INSA, he loves it, puts it on his blog, I become famous, I never accounted for the time I upload it on to YouTube. That has way more to do with the success with a video than anybody could imagine. With my Suburbia music video I had 300 views within two hours. Which is amazing for somebody in my position. But with this video its been three days and I just now hit 100 views. Not horrible but I have to work 100% harder to promote it and make it successful. And on top of that I believe this is my best music video so far and in my opinion, it could/should get very popular. So please support it! I wrote it back in September 2013, we ended up shooting it in November and it came out in January 2014 which is pretty good turn around. 

Right now I’m working on the video treatment for my second single Soccer Moms. I had the treatment written back in May 2013 originally for my song Boom but it has taken a whole new life now that its for Soccer Moms. The idea started with a child mafia. Like a lemonade stand being kind of a way to launder money and there is a child mob boss and stuff like that. So now that it’s for Soccer Moms, the way the song is setup the storyline has a ton of room to grow. 

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