When working with a psychopath (me), you get lots of rough drafts. These are some very early sketches of my back album cover for “Tomorrowland.” 

Lily Allen’s song “Sheezus”


are all of you guys dumb? This song is not a shady song, she’s literally saying everything that people in the media are saying about these artists. In the second verse she’s literally saying that she is sick of all the celebrity comparisons and “who’s better than who”. You guys hear an artist singing another artists name and instantly assume it’s a diss song. image

Just listen to the words, dudes. I fucking LOVE Lily Allen!

Money is the Boss.

I have a problem with any person that works for me who doesn’t take criticism. I’m not coming at you, I’m saying that I want you to fix the things I say. Don’t sit back and blame it on one thing when I know that it was your fault. Nothing is personal when I’m paying you. It’s just that if I’m paying you, you’re gonna do things my way or you’re not going to get paid. People have a hard time understanding this concept because most of the time they can’t separate their work from themselves but it’s something a person has to overcome if they want to be successful in anything. If somebody is paying you, they are in charge. 

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